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Kohleria ‘Strawberry Fields’

kohleria strawberry fields

Kohleria Strawberry fieldsSee all kohlerias.

Kohleria ‘Strawberry Fields’ is a showy, striking looking hybrid by Patrick Worley.

The large flowers with wide corollas, are intense, deep-red in color, marbled with white, and very closely resemble the flowers of kohleria ‘Red Ryder’.

Unlike ‘Red Ryder’ though, the leaves are very dark and marbled with gray, at least in my experience.kohleria strawberry fields

This is a new addition to my collection, and I have yet to grow it in different conditions, to see how the growth habit and leaves size and color vary.

This hybrid was purchased as a rhizome, along other kohleria hybrids, and was the first to flower. Growing  it from a few, somewhat dried looking rhzomes, to the plant in the pictures, took just under 3 months.

Very showy plant.