Kohleria ‘Dale’s Coquette’

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Kohleria ‘Dale’s Coquette’ is a cute hybrid by Dale Martens.

It’s a small plant with dark, olive green leaves, very long and deep bright red flowers. The leaves, flowers and stems are all very furry, even for a kohleria, giving this hybrid a wild look.

So far this has been a very compact, slow growing plant. Although the plant stays compact and seems slow growing, when I went to repot it, I was surprised to find an abundance of large rhizomes. It’s possible this plant needs to get pot bound before it really takes off. Nevertheless, it still flowered quite well for me.

A very fun kohleria to grow. Seems pretty resistant to infestations. Based on how the plant has been growing, it’s possible that it prefers higher light and humidity than the average kohleria. This might make an excellent terrarium plant.

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