Kohlerias are fun, easy to grow plants. There are numerous hybrids  and cultivars out there, offering a wide rage of color, size and leaf variation.

You can grow kohlerias from an offshoot, a rhizome, a cutting or even a leaf. They are generally very vigorous plants. If you accidentally dry out your plant, check for rhizomes in the soil (they look like little scaly worms) and just like bulbs, your plant can re-sprout from them.

They adapt to a range of conditions. The plant size, growth habit, leaf size and color will vary, sometimes dramatically, based on the growing conditions. In general, generous watering leads to larger leaves and more rapid growth. Keeping the plant on the drier side will lead to smaller leaves, slower growing plant, and the formation of more rhizomes. High light can lead to smaller, lighter colored leaves, and low light to larger darker leaves. The plants can grow and flower freely throughout the year, if the right conditions are provided, or can be hibernated for the winter and re-sprouted from rhizomes.

This is a list of some cultivars and hybrids I personally have experience with. I occasionally offer rhizomes for sale on ebay. If you are interested in buying kohlerias (rhizomes or offshoots) from me, or trading varieties with me, you can e-mail me at :

Kohleria An's Nagging Macaws

An’s Nagging Macaws

  • Robust tall plant, heavy bloomer.

kohleria anns cheerleader

An’s Cheerleader

  • Heavy bloomer, clusters of pink and white flowers, variegated foliage. Needs staking.

kohleria birka


  • Heavy bloomer, large variegated foliage, very contrasting flowers and leaves.


  • Compact grower, lilac and white flowers, corolla is white and marbled with lilac veins.

kohleria coccinea


  • Species, tall robust grower, large bright orange-red flowers. Very nice looking plant.

kohleria dales chameleon

Dale’s Chameleon

  • Beautiful, dense and compact hybrid. Fascinating magenta flowers with orange fuzz.

kohleria dale's copper penny

Dale’s Copper Penny

  • Tall, robust hybrid, coppery leaves

Dales’s Coquette

  • Compact plant, very dark leaves and intense deep red flower. Super furry and cute.

Kohleria dales furry fox

Dale’s Furry Fox

  • Pink flowers, white corolla with dark polka dots, plant is covered with white fuzz.

Dark Velvet

  • Compact, almost black leaves, orange red flowers, flowers have interesting shape, good grower and bloomer.

Designer Jewel Case

  • Pink flowers, large frosted gray leaves

kohleria el capitol

El Capitol

  • Smaller plant, slow grower, quite red and yellow flowers, more of a seasonal grower and bloomer

kohleria elise


  • Medium sized kohleria, purplish flowers with white corolla, dark colored leaves

Florida Freckles

  • Compact, medium-dark olive green leaves, red flowers with white polka dotted corollas

HCY’s Jardin de Monet

  • Heavy bloomer

Heartland’s Blackberry Butterfly


  • Light green variegated leaves! Compact grower, have yet to see it flower

kohleria lono


  • Heavy bloomer, large plant, light green leaves and large lilac bells with white spotted corolla

kohleria maki


  • Miniature plant, excellent for terrarium culture. Tiny red-orange flowers .

Marianne Boivanne

  • Bright flowers, small light leaves, tall

kohleria nanny


  • Light pink flowers, cleam colored spotted corolla, medium sized kohleria, good grower

Kohleria Peridots Rolo

Peridot’s Rolo

  • Compact, dark solid or marbled leaves, depending on light, numerous cute fuzzy pink flowers.

Pink Shadows

  • Medium sized, dark marbles leaves, heavy bloomer, red flowers with pink corollas.

Kohleria queen victoria

Queen Victoria

  • Medium to large growing hybrid, olive green leaves, heavy bloomer, salmon blooms, half salmon half white corolla


  • Large plant, dark velvet leaves, large ornge red blooms with yellow spotted corolla

kohleria red ryder

Red Ryder

  • Heavy bloomer, large deep red flowers, with large corollas, medium green leaves

kohleria ruby


  • Slender elegant kohleria, bright red and white flowers, dark leaved with purple undersides

Snake Skin

  • I bought this as Silver Feather, but the variety is most likely Snake Skin, pretty metallic leaves, orange flowers

Kohleria Strawberry fields

Strawberry Fields

  • Heavy bloomer, rapid growing plant, large marbled leaves, and large bright red flowers.

kohleria tropical night

Tropical Night

  • Dense bushy grower, constantly covered in many red furry flowers, cream corolla with pink polka dots

Vanilla Sky

  • Heavy bloomer, large magenta and cream flowers, heavily spotted, very showy plant

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    1. Hi Scott, I guess I do need to update it. Thank you for letting me know! I usually sell rhizomes in the spring and fall. I did skip this fall. For some reason my plants didn’t produce as many rhizomes as usual, but I hope I’ll have some up for sell this spring (around April-May).

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