Kohlerias are fun, easy to grow plants. There are numerous hybrids  and cultivars out there, offering a wide rage of color, size and leaf variation.

You can grow kohlerias from an offshoot, a rhizome, a cutting or even a leaf. They are generally very vigorous plants. If you accidentally dry out your plant, check for rhizomes in the soil (they look like little scaly worms) and just like bulbs, your plant can re-sprout from them.

They adapt to a range of conditions. The plant size, growth habit, leaf size and color will vary, sometimes dramatically, based on the growing conditions. In general, generous watering leads to larger leaves and more rapid growth. Keeping the plant on the drier side will lead to smaller leaves, slower growing plant, and the formation of more rhizomes. High light can lead to smaller, lighter colored leaves, and low light to larger darker leaves. The plants can grow and flower freely throughout the year, if the right conditions are provided, or can be hibernated for the winter and re-sprouted from rhizomes.

This is a list of some cultivars and hybrids I personally have experience with. I occasionally offer rhizomes for sale on ebay. If you are interested in buying kohlerias (rhizomes or offshoots) from me, or trading varieties with me, you can e-mail me at :


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