Plant List

This list includes true everbloomers, plants with extended bloom cycles, and free-flowering plants.

True everbloomers – always in flower, regardless of season, sometimes even in sub-optimal conditions.

Extended bloom cycles – plants that flower all year, except for either the coldest or hottest days of the year depending on the species ( so either spring to fall skipping the coldest winter days, or fall to spring, skipping the hottest summer days). As the plant gets older the flowering cycle gets longer and longer. The plant might also start flowering intermittently during the off season, essentially turning into a true everbloomer with age.

Free flowering – flowers freely throughout the year, regardless of season, and whenever the right conditions are met, with breaks in between. Again, as the plant gets more established the breaks will become shorter and shorter.

The plants that link to a plant profile, were/are in my collection and the information and images are from my personal experience with those plants. Plants that don’t have a profile page are either recently acquired, on my hit list, or just listed for your information.

I will continuously add new everblooming plants as I come across them.

New suggestions are always welcomed, so feel free to drop a comment or e-mail me at

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    1. Yes, I sell kohlerias mostly as rhizomes, usually in the fall, sometimes I have rhizomes for sale in the spring as well.

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