Kohleria ‘Florida Freckles”

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Kohleria ‘Florida Freckles’ is a cute hybrid with bright-red, fuzzy blooms. The flowers have white faces speckled with red polka dots. I quite enjoy the maroon, fuzzy stems and olive green foliage as well.

I grew this plant under grow lights, and it remained very compact and dense. I’m guessing this hybrid will grow just fine on a windowsill, unlike some of the taller varieties that can get quite leggy. It seems to be a free branching plant too.

There is nothing special about the growing requirements. It seems to be fine with the average kohleria care. This hybrid also doesn’t seem to be particularly bothered by lower humidity or infestations.

K. ‘Florida Freckles’ is quite a good bloomer for it’s size. Based on how it’s performed so far, this plant can definitely be an everbloomer, once it gets more established. Some kohleria seem to go dormant in the winter, but this hybrid kept on growing and flowering freely even in the winter months.

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