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I’m Vesi, and I’ve been addicted to plants for most of my conscious life.

Vesela Chifchieva VesiMy mom and I have probably had more types of plants growing than you can find in a botanical garden. As the more adventurous one, I have tried some really exotic and notoriously difficult to grow plants. And guess what? That is exactly how I came across most of my ultimate favorites. You should never ever be afraid to try something new. Don’t hesitate to try and grow plants that are unfamiliar to you, or you are unsure of.

Of course you might be running out of space, after all you can’t collect them all. So how do you decide which plants to prioritize? Your generic easy growing, but boring plants are always an option. There are also some that don’t exactly have the looks, you might even be embarrassed to have them around your house, and then for a short period of time surprise you with a bouquet of wonderful flowers. And of course there are some that have it all: a seductive foliage, bizarre and  juicy flowers, balanced habitus (overall look and composition), and on top of that are constant bloomers! You cannot believe how many times I’ve been asked if some of my plants were real, when I have guests over.

The reason I created this website is because there are so many amazing plants out there with beautiful foliage and never ending display of flowers. Sadly, most are not very popular or easy to find, even the ones that are a piece of cake to take care of.  So you probably haven’t heard of most of these plants, unless, perhaps you already are an avid collector of ever blooming house plants.

More about me:

My mom, being a botanist, has always had an extensive collection of house plants. When I was little, I used to take that for granted. I loved how green and tropical our home was year round, and all the diversity of shapes, textures and colors my mom’s plant collection would add. She had slowly and painfully grown her collection of rare plants. One day I brought a wild hedgehog home and left it loose on the balcony (bear in mind that I was 7 at the time). Long story short, I ended up knocking over my mom’s plant stands, damaging almost all of her plants and killing a good portion of them (my poor job of “re potting” them to hide the damage ended up causing even more harm). I have never seen my mom so angry before in my life! She was absolutely furious!!! I never understood how painful it was until I had my own collection of rare and hard to find plants, and came home to see that my dog had eaten half of them. I still get angry when I think about that! It will take years before I am able to find some of those plants I lost.

Growing plants and seeing them respond to your care and reward you with beautiful foliage and flowers is such a wonderful and addicting experience. I cannot imagine not having plants, and I am still on the lookout to add new and exotic cultivars to my collection. I am currently 26 years old and a biochemist by profession. I have had my fair share of mistakes when it comes to growing plants and I’m more than willing to answer any questions you have, give you growing tips and advice, and save you the trouble of going through the same mistakes I’ve made. You can reach me at vesi@everbloominghouseplants.com or simple leave a comment below! Stay tuned! I intend to add tons of plant profiles and useful information!

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Vesi,
    I very much like your writings about and the pictures of the houseplants you grow. Blooming and fragrant plants are my specialty, too. I am familiar with some of your flowers and have grown them. Bougainvillea, a collection of clerodendrums, thunbergias, jasmines, gardenias, a plumeria, Passion flowers, night blooming cactus, and a brunfelsia are among them. Freesias are just coming to bloom. More exiting, for the first time, my Thunbergia mysorensis is about to flower. I would share pictures with you but I don’t know how to load them!

    l’ll come back to see if you’re doing something new this winter!


    1. Hi Masoud!

      Thank you for your comment! I would love to see some of your plants. I will try and find a plug-in that can let you post pictures on this site… I just had my yellow jasmine bloom for the first time. It’s still a small plant, but oh those flowers… so beautiful and the fragrance is just heavenly. It’s soo exciting seeing the flower for the first time!


    2. Hello Vesi,
      Thank you for posting my comment!
      The latest Thunbergia (mysorensis) opened gradually. That did not subtract from the excitement! You know what I mean! A flower you had never seen, touched or smelled before, takes its time in January, in Michigan, to display its glory! If and only if my link works, I have picture to share! Let’s see!

  2. Please Vesi, can you help me how to find the Pavonia multiflora (Brasilian canddles, Triplochlamys multifora, Pavonia x Gledhillii). I need to buy in Europe. I am from Brazil and study the originaly plant in forest and hort. especime.

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