Kohleria ‘Nanny’

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kohleria nanny

Kohleria ‘Nanny’ is a pretty kohleria hybrid with pale pink flowers and dark foliage.

This hybrid is very similar looking to kohleria ‘HCY’s Jardin de Monet’, and I sometimes have a hard time telling them apart. The biggest difference would be that this kohleria’s corolla (face of the flowers) is more cream toned, and the leaves have warmer overtones. Other than that they have the same growth habit, and are both medium to large sized kohlerias.

kohleria nanny

The flowers and leaves are large, and they get larger as the plant grows bigger. I bought this plant as a rhizome from my local gesneriad show. To grow it from a rhizome to the plant I’m holding on the picture, took me around 4 months. As the plant got bigger, the flowers got larger too.

Kohleria ‘Nanny’ is a very generous bloomer, and flowers freely throughout the year, if the right conditions are provided. If you leave it on your windowsill, it will slow down to an almost dormant state during the winter, but will remain leafy.

This plant can definitely be grown into a larger specimen. In terms of growth requirements, it’s the same as every kohleria. It’s a very easy to grow plant. This hybrid is pretty resistant to infestation and diseases too.

kohleria nanny

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