A Quick Update and “The Fuchsia Project”

So…., I haven’t posted anything for a long time…

Here is a quick update on some new plants and projects I’m currently focusing on.  A lot of the “recent” plants I purchased are now starting to flower more and more. I have some exotic and fascinating seedlings slowly but surely growing, and I have also undertaken what I call “The Fuchsia Project”.

I spent a year battling with fuchsias and getting them to grow and flower year round. All of that inspite of a lot of fuchsia growers insisting that indoor growing is difficult and fuchsias certainly need a dormancy period.  😉

My indoor garden!

Well!!! Guess what, I did it! Year round of fuchsia growth and flowering. Granted some died along the way, some were a lot harder to keep… and yet some not only managed to stay bug free but flowered heavily and continuously!

I’ll be ordering more fuchsias this spring and this time around I know what keeps them ticking. I’ll be focusing on which ones can make it through year round growth and flowering.

It’s definitely been a learning experience, but I’ve got a few fuchsia keeping tricks up my sleeve that I’ll be sharing with you soon!

Here are more pictures of newer plants in my collection but mostly the fuchsias. Fuchsia Joan Cooper. That one “performed” the best out of all of them for some reason.

Fuchsia Sophie Lousie

Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing my fuchsia secrets soon. Those are just some of the fuchsias I got from last year, and I’ll be getting more for “The Fuchsia Project”.


If you are RxR HaCkEr, thank you for not deleting my stuff or changing my password! I totally freaked out when I saw your post on my site lol!

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