Low Light Plants

Plants that flower generally require more light to produce flowers. Some orchids species grow very well under low light. But when it comes to plants that are ever blooming, low light means bright indirect light and no need for direct sunlight. Part shade to shade flowering plants still require plenty of light, but large enough north facing window will do the job, and east or west will provide plenty of light to have flowers year round. A lot of gesneriads fall in this category. These plants make excellent house plants and there are plenty of cultivars that are ever blooming. A lot of episcias, kohlerias, african violets, some columneas though those prefer higher light, and quite a few (codonanthes, streptocarpellas, seemannias, alsobias, primolinas and so on). Some of those “low light” plants can simply tolerate having less available light, and having higher light level will bring optimal flowering and growth.