Kohleria ‘Peridots Rolo’

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Kohleria ‘Peridots Rolo’ is a cute kohleria hybrid with creamy pink flowers, and dark, contrasting, somewhat variegated foliage.

Kohlerias come in many colors and sizes. They all have similar requirements, furry foliage and flowers . The flowers come in varietey of colors and patterns, but are all tubular, fuzzy and mostly plentiful.
kohleria peridots roloKohleria ‘Peridots Rolo’ is a small kohleria, that stays under 12 ” (unless not enough light is provided, then it will get leggy and possibly taller). This plant flowers profusely (some kohlerias are mostly for foliage and flower less profusely). The pale pink flowers make a wonderful contrast with the darker foliage. If the light is lower the foliage is lighter green and the variagation can be clearly seen.

A gesneriad, this plant has similar requirements to the african violet, though in my opinion, is a lot easier to take care of. Kohlerias produce rhizomes that creep though the soil. The grow offshoots and very quickly fill up a pot. Don’t worry if you dry out your plant: it can re-sprout from the rhizomes. They look like fat caterpillars, and based on the type of kohleria, come in different shades and sizes. This kohleria has light colored rhizomes that are produced in large amounts.

Kohleria Peridots Rolo

Watering needs:

Kohleria "Peridots Rolo" flowerThis kohleria is easy to grow (like all of them), has medium watering requirements. It prefers to have the soil evenly moist, as well as bottom watering (like the african violet). Therefore it grows really well with hygrolon strip through the soil, pulling water up from a container under the plant. If its still in a small pot, a piece of yarn will do the same.


Part shade to shade. This plant is relatively low light plant. It does like a little bit of a direct light, and can be grown on an east, west and north facing window. It grows and flowers well on a north facing window, especially if its a large unobstructed one, where the plant will get plenty of bright indirect light. It can be grown under lights as well.


Kohlerias prefer higher humidity, though they can tolerate lower. They do not like their foliage sprayed. It will leave wilt spots on the leaves.

Soil Type and Fertilizer:

Light, puffy african violet soil, or you can make your own mix. I add peat moss and plenty of per-lite or vermiculite to a generic potting mix, or add per-lite (more if you’ll be passively watering from the bottom of the pot) to african violet soil. This plant grows best if the soil is light, well-drained and aerated so that the kohleria can easily grow its rhizomes though it.


Extremely easy to propagate! Kohlerias simply grow off shoots and you can pick out one  out. You can also unearth some rhizomes or even a fraction of a rhizome. Kohlerias can be easily propagated though cuttings. In fact, you can have some cut flower in a vase and it will grow roots while flowering endlessly, unlike most plants where you have to remove any flowers or buds, so that the plant can form roots. You can also root a leaf, though that takes a lot longer.

Other Care Tips and Personal Observations: 

Peridots RoloAn awesome low light plant to have, that flowers endlessly with gorgeous interesting looking furry flowers. I absolutely love kohlerias! I have tons of them, though not all bloom non-stop, and will be listing other varieties soon. I love Kohleria ‘Peridots rolo’, because it is a smaller kohleria, compact and dense growing, and the the overall look of the plant is balanced and pretty. If you don’t have a kohleria at home, do yourself a favor and get some, you will not regret it. They are some of the easiest plants to grow in the home. In my experience a bit of cooler night temperatures make it flower even more heavily. Other than that there isn’t much to growing these beauties.

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