Garden Window Pictures

Garden windows pictures
Here are some garden window pictures I’ve taken over the years, so that you can see the variety of things you can grow one one.


Garden windows are quite an investment, but I think it’s more than worth it. It’s like having a small greenhouse on your window



Garden window pictureThe one we have is in the kitchen and is facing North. However, since you get bright indirect light from all around the plants, and a sliver of direct afternoon light, I would say a north facing garden window will be the equivalent of a decent sized east or west window.


Aerangis_rhodosticta_garden_windowYou can also grow low light plant since they can’t get leaf burn, so it’s quite versatile. Also since the light comes from above the plants grow nicely and uniformly, and are displayed nicely, instead of being tilted  away from you towards a window.



Garden window pictureOver the years my mom and I have grown many plants in this garden window and it’s interesting for me to compile and see all those pictures I’ve taken… These are only a small portions of them. On the right you can see episcia ‘Musica’, some other episcias in the background and a miniature african violet.
Outside of plants that flower year round (what this website is dedicated too), I also collect and grow orchids, mostly miniatures, and exotic fruiting plants :). The picture below is of an Aerangis biloba flowering.  Orchids grow very well on garden windows, especially in the kitchen where the humidity will be kept high, and since the window is protruding there will be larger daytime vs nightime temperature difference. That temperature shift seems to be quite essential in inducing flowering in a lot of plants, especially some orchids.

Aerangis biloba garden window

Winter time when the day is short, you can still enjoy your garden window even if covered with a little bit of snow . This is a yellow flowered oncidium (Twinkle “Yellow fantasy’) and it contrasts the evening sky beautifully!

Garden window orchids

Codonante garden windowThere is a huge variety of plants you can grow..







Hope you enjoyed these garden windows pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!



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