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Kohleria ‘Florida Freckles”

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Kohleria ‘Florida Freckles’ is a cute hybrid with bright-red, fuzzy blooms. The flowers have white faces speckled with red polka dots. I quite enjoy the maroon, fuzzy stems and olive green foliage as well.

I grew this plant under grow lights, and it remained very compact and dense. I’m guessing this hybrid will grow just fine on a windowsill, unlike some of the taller varieties that can get quite leggy. It seems to be a free branching plant too.

There is nothing special about the growing requirements. It seems to be fine with the average kohleria care. This hybrid also doesn’t seem to be particularly bothered by lower humidity or infestations.

K. ‘Florida Freckles’ is quite a good bloomer for it’s size. Based on how it’s performed so far, this plant can definitely be an everbloomer, once it gets more established. Some kohleria seem to go dormant in the winter, but this hybrid kept on growing and flowering freely even in the winter months.

Kohleria ‘Dale’s Coquette’

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Kohleria ‘Dale’s Coquette’ is a cute hybrid by Dale Martens.

It’s a small plant with dark, olive green leaves, very long and deep bright red flowers. The leaves, flowers and stems are all very furry, even for a kohleria, giving this hybrid a wild look.

So far this has been a very compact, slow growing plant. Although the plant stays compact and seems slow growing, when I went to repot it, I was surprised to find an abundance of large rhizomes. It’s possible this plant needs to get pot bound before it really takes off. Nevertheless, it still flowered quite well for me.

A very fun kohleria to grow. Seems pretty resistant to infestations. Based on how the plant has been growing, it’s possible that it prefers higher light and humidity than the average kohleria. This might make an excellent terrarium plant.

Kohleria ‘Nanny’

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kohleria nanny

Kohleria ‘Nanny’ is a pretty kohleria hybrid with pale pink flowers and dark foliage.

This hybrid is very similar looking to kohleria ‘HCY’s Jardin de Monet’, and I sometimes have a hard time telling them apart. The biggest difference would be that this kohleria’s corolla (face of the flowers) is more cream toned, and the leaves have warmer overtones. Other than that they have the same growth habit, and are both medium to large sized kohlerias.

kohleria nanny

The flowers and leaves are large, and they get larger as the plant grows bigger. I bought this plant as a rhizome from my local gesneriad show. To grow it from a rhizome to the plant I’m holding on the picture, took me around 4 months. As the plant got bigger, the flowers got larger too.

Kohleria ‘Nanny’ is a very generous bloomer, and flowers freely throughout the year, if the right conditions are provided. If you leave it on your windowsill, it will slow down to an almost dormant state during the winter, but will remain leafy.

This plant can definitely be grown into a larger specimen. In terms of growth requirements, it’s the same as every kohleria. It’s a very easy to grow plant. This hybrid is pretty resistant to infestation and diseases too.

kohleria nanny

Kohleria ‘Dark Velvet’

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kohleria dark velvet

Kohleria ‘Dark Velvet’ is a stunning compact hybrid with excellent growth habit. This kohleria tends to grow lots of offshoot and turn into a nice dense and bushy specimen. Very quick and easy to grow like most kohlerias.

It’s been on my wish list for a while, so when I finally saw it for sale on ebay, I couldn’t resist! It took only a couple of months to grow the plant from an offshoot to the one you see on these pictures.

The leaves are very dark, almost black, and velvety, with red -purplish overtones. This plant is worth growing for the foliage alone. As an added bonus, it’s an excellent, heavy and consistent bloomer. The flowers appear in clusters of a few, all along the length of the stem, and beautifully stand out against the very dark foliage. They have a pretty interesting shape too, like a bulbous tube that is narrower at the opening, similar to the nematanthus flower (the goldfish plant).

kohleria dark velvet

Kohleria Vanilla Sky

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kohleria vanilla sky
kohleria vanilla sky

Kohleria “Vanilla Sky” is a medium to large growing hybrid, that definitely needs staking, once it grows larger. This plant flowers heavily and is very showy.

Warm toned leaves and flowers, makes this an interesting hybrid. The leaves are olive green and lightly marbled with lighter and warmer toned olive green. The flowers are magenta and cream and are heavily spotted with large burgundy dots.

kohleria vanilla sky

I highly recommend growing this plant under lights. I have grown it on a windowsill and it was a bit limp and messy. The plant really shines if you grow it under lights, or on a brighter windowsill.

In my experience this hybrid needs a bit more light than your average kohleria. Other than that, it’s easy to grow and a very heavy bloomer once it grows to a larger size.

The warm tones give it interesting tropical vibe.

kohleria vanilla sky

Kohleria coccinea

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Kohleria coccinea is a kohleria species, I couldn’t find much information about. I bought a rhizome from ebay and it was shipped to me all the way from Germany.

kohleria coccinea

The plant is a slow, sturdy grower. Very thick robust stems, large bright green, velvety, serrated leaves, edged with dark red fuzz. The stem is covered with dark red hairs. The flowers are large and showy.

It’s on the larger side for kohlerias. Much sturdier than a typical kohleria hybrid, this pant doesn’t need as much staking (though I still did stake it out of habit) and can hold its own weight. Seems a lot more resilient towards infestations, and has been actively growing and producing rhizomes all year round for me.

Kohleria Dale’s Chameleon

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kohleria dales chameleon

Kohleria ‘Dale’s Chameleon’ is a lovely hybrid by Dale Martens. I acquired quite a few of her hybrids at a pre-epidemic gesneriad show, and so far I am in love with all of them!

This plant is so cute! I grew it under lights, and it has nice, bushy, compact growth, olive-green furry leaves, maroon furry stems, and such interesting flowers!

kohleria dale's chameleon

The flowers are bright magenta tubes and are covered with bright orange fuzz, giving them sort of a frosted chrome effect. It’s hard to capture that in a photo. The cream colored corolla is covered in magenta polka dots.

As a typical kohleria this plant is easy to grow and flower. In my personal experience, it seems to prefer warmer conditions. It really slows down if you try to grow it in a cooler environment, a bit more than your average kohleria.

Kohleria ‘Ruby’

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Kohleria ‘Ruby’ is a delicate looking plant. Upright grower, with dark leaves and bright ruby-red flowers beautifully displayed all along the stem of the plant.

Even when grown under lights, this plant will most likely require staking.


kohleria ruby


kohleria rubyI absolutely love this hybrid. It has a very neat, delicate growth habit, smaller leaves, but medium sized flowers. The leaves underside and parts of the stem are purple.

Although the plant is upright grower with flowers all along the stems, it still stays relatively small, unlike most hybrids that fall in this category.

In terms of care, this plant requires basic kohleria care, and is extremely easy to grow and flower. 

kohleria ruby


Kohleria ‘Rebecka’

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kohleria rebecka

Kohleria ‘Rebecka’ is a beautiful, tall hybrid by Gunilla Svensson. The leaves are dark velvet green, and the high contrast flowers appear in clusters all along the stem of the plant.

It’s a very eye catching plant. I do have a personal bias towards kohleria hybrids that flower all along the stem of the plant, rather than in clusters at the apex. So it’s no surprise that this is one of my most favorite hybrids.

kohleria rebeckaThe flowers are showy, furry, bright red-orange tubes. The flowers have bright yellow faces covered in dark burgundy spots, making them really pop against the dark foliage.

A lovely plant to have. The top two photos are of the plant, when I grew it under LED grow light. Having it under light, made the growth way more compact. The plant on these bottom two photos was grown on a north facing window. Despite being a bit leggy and needing staking, it was still covered with flowers.

In my personal experience this hybrid seems a bit more susceptible to aphids and mealy bugs compared to your average kohleria. Other than that, it is easy to grow and a very generous bloomer.

kohleria rebecka