Kohleria Dale’s Chameleon

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kohleria dales chameleon

Kohleria ‘Dale’s Chameleon’ is a lovely hybrid by Dale Martens. I acquired quite a few of her hybrids at a pre-epidemic gesneriad show, and so far I am in love with all of them!

This plant is so cute! I grew it under lights, and it has nice, bushy, compact growth, olive-green furry leaves, maroon furry stems, and such interesting flowers!

kohleria dale's chameleon

The flowers are bright magenta tubes and are covered with bright orange fuzz, giving them sort of a frosted chrome effect. It’s hard to capture that in a photo. The cream colored corolla is covered in magenta polka dots.

As a typical kohleria this plant is easy to grow and flower. In my personal experience, it seems to prefer warmer conditions. It really slows down if you try to grow it in a cooler environment, a bit more than your average kohleria.

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