Kohleria Vanilla Sky

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kohleria vanilla sky
kohleria vanilla sky

Kohleria “Vanilla Sky” is a medium to large growing hybrid, that definitely needs staking, once it grows larger. This plant flowers heavily and is very showy.

Warm toned leaves and flowers, makes this an interesting hybrid. The leaves are olive green and lightly marbled with lighter and warmer toned olive green. The flowers are magenta and cream and are heavily spotted with large burgundy dots.

kohleria vanilla sky

I highly recommend growing this plant under lights. I have grown it on a windowsill and it was a bit limp and messy. The plant really shines if you grow it under lights, or on a brighter windowsill.

In my experience this hybrid needs a bit more light than your average kohleria. Other than that, it’s easy to grow and a very heavy bloomer once it grows to a larger size.

The warm tones give it interesting tropical vibe.

kohleria vanilla sky

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