Kohleria ‘Dale’s Copper Penny’

kohleria dale's copper penny
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Kohleria ‘Dale’s Copper Penny’ is a larger, robust kohleria hybrid, hybridized by Dale Martens. 

It’s a tall upright plant, that readily produces offshoots and rhizomes. The stems are thick, robust, and covered with red fuzz.

The leaves are very bright green, with a bit of a coppery hue to them, which set this plant off from the many dark-leaved hybrids out there.

Overall, the plant has a sturdy natural look to it. The flowers are very long, bright-red and fuzzy.

dale's copper penny

From a presonal exprience this particular kohleria took a long time to grow and flower. It’s possible that it just might require more light than some of the other varieties and it was’t getting enough.

When grown under light the leaves get a bit more coppery in color, and the plant grows rapidly and flowers profusely. 

However, once it has started to flower, it hasn’t been without flowers. The flowers seem to last longer too.

Kohleria Dale's Copper Penny

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