Kohleria ‘Heartland’s Blackberry Butterfly’

Kohleria Heartland's Blackberry Butterfly
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Rooted cutting that continues to actively grow and flower while being rooted

Kohleria ‘Heartland’s Blackberry Butterfly’ is a beautiful kohleria hybrid by Dale Martens. 

It’s a medium sized kohleria with an excellent growth habit. The leaves are very dark.

The flowers are bright magenta tubes with light-colored faces, speckles with dark-purple dots, and are displayed beautifully against the foliage.

The spots vary based on the growing conditions. The more direct light the plant gets, the more numerous the speckles on the face of the flowers. The leaves also become smaller and the plant grows denser. Slightly less light, and you’ll get larger leaves and brighter flower faces with less spots. I think the spots might also vary with temperature as well.

As most kohlerias, the plant flowers while still small, but can grow to a pretty impressive specimen size.

Higher light and temperature
Lower light and temperature

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