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Kohleria ‘Dale’s Copper Penny’

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Kohleria ‘Dale’s Copper Penny’ is a larger robust kohleria hybrid.

It’s a tall upright plant, that readily produces offshoots and rhizomes. The stems are thick, robust, and covered with red fuzz.

The leaves are very bright green, with a bit of a coppery hue to them, which set this plant off from the many dark-leaved hybrids out there.

Overall, the plant has a sturdy natural look to it. The flowers are very long, bright-red and fuzzy.

From a presonal exprience this particular kohleria took a long time to grow and flower. It’s possible that it just might require more light than some of the other varieties and it was’t getting enough, but I did wait quite a bit to see if flower.

However, once it has started to flower, it hasn’t been without flowers. The flowers seem to last longer too.

Kohleria Dale's Copper Penny

Kohleria ‘Heartland’s Blackberry Butterfly’

Kohleria Heartland's Blackberry Butterfly

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Kohleria ‘Heartland’s Blackberry Butterfly’ is a beautiful kohleria hybrid.

It’s a medium sized kohleria with an excellent growth habit. The leaves are very dark.

The flowers are bright magenta tubes with light-colored faces, speckles with dark-purple dots, and are displayed beautifully against the foliage.

The spots vary based on amount of light. The more direct light the plant gets, the more numerous the speckles on the face of the flowers. The leaves also become smaller and the plant grows denser. Slightly less light, and you’ll get larger leaves and brighter flower faces with less spots.

As most kohlerias the plant flowers while still small, but can grow to a pretty impressive specimen size.

Kohleria ‘An’s Nagging Macaws’

Kohleria An's Nagging MacawsSee all kohlerias.

Kohleria ‘An’s Nagging Macaws’, is a large showy hybrid. One of the larger growing kohlerias that I’ve had. It grows tall with robust stems, large medium green leaves, and flowers heavily.

The plant is a very rapid grower, and produces lots of offshoots and rhizomes.

The flowers are very showy, and come mostly in clusters from the tip of the plant, and less often along the stems.

Very easy to grow plant.



Kohleria ‘Silver Feather’

Kohleria Silver Feather

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Medium sized plant. Though the leaves are large and showy, the plant doesn’t grow very tall.

Kohleria Silver Feather

It’s a good rapid grower and quickly fills up a pot.


This hybrid is a bit more of a seasonal bloomer for me, but the foliage completely makes up for it. This kohleria sports showy, large leaves with beautiful silver markings in the center, pink metallic sheen to them, and white fuzzy hairs making the leaves took almost frosted.

The flowers are long , tubular, bright orange-red, and beautifully hang over the leaves. This plant has an excellent growth habit and stays dense, bushy and upright.Kohleria Silver FeatherKohleria Silver Feather


Kohlerias are fun and easy to grow plants. They are free blooming in general. Some are more seasonal bloomers, others are everblooming. They come in large variety. Here are some cultivars and hybrids. All are very easy to grow.

An’s Nagging Macaws

This is a very showy variety. Heavy blooming with somewhat large flowers. This is a tall big plant with large leaves. One of the biggest growing kohlerias I’ve had.

If you want a large showy plant, this definitely will make you happy.

Rapid grower, that spreads and produces lots of rhizomes very quickly.

Designer’s Jewel

This plant has large flowers and leaves, but tends to stay very short. Heavy bloomer with large showy flowers.

The Leaves are fluffy and light gray.

 Heartland’s Blackberry Butterfly

Medium sized plant. Can grow pretty tall. Good growth habit. The dark speckles on the face of the flower vary. Bright magenta fuzzy tubes, nicely contrasted by the dark foliage.

Very consistent heavy bloomer.


This tiny little kohleria is really cute.

Not the best bloomer, but a lovely plant to have in your terrarium.

Needs higher humidity.


Medium sized plant with medium sized leaves and somewhat large flowers.

Flower tubes are orange-red, and the face is bright yellow. Beautifully contrasted by the dark foliage.

Nice growth habit and a heavy, generous bloomer.

This is a very pretty plant with dense base and longer upright stems that may or may not need stalking. Flowers through the length of the stem.

Red Ryder

Very showy plant. The flowers are very big and bright red.

Large lightly marbled medium green leave.

Blooms consistently. Despite the large flower and leaves, the plant stays relatively short.


One of my favorite kohlerias.  Balanced growth habit, medium height. It’s not a very large plant at all. The flowers are nicely displayed throughout the height of the plant. Consistent bloomer. I love the overall appearance of this hybrid. The undersides of the leaves and the stems are purplish.

Pink Shadows

Another awesome kohleria. I expected this one to me a smaller growing variety, after I saw it at a gesneriad show, but it grew decently large for me. The leaves are very dark, very large, and beautifully marbeled. The flowers are numerous and mostly at the top of the plant, pink and creamy orange. It’s a really pretty plant.

Silver Feather

Medium to large plant. Showy large leaves with beautiful silver markings in the center.

The flowers are somewhat long and look like red tubes hanging over the leaves. This plant has an excellent growth habit and stays dense, bushy and upright.

Not a very consistent bloomer, but it is still more often in flower than not. The beautiful foliage makes up for it.

More sun = smaller leaves and more flowers

Less sun= larges leaves and less flowers.

Very easy to grow, and quickly fills up the pot.

Tropical Night

Smallish plant. Very heavy bloomer. The small salmon flowers are just so precious. They look beautiful against the dark reddish leaves. Very easy to grow.

Here is a post with more more about this specific kohleria: Tropical Night

Vanilla Sky


Large showy flowers. This a new plant, so I’ll have to see how large it will get. So far it seems to flower from the tip of the plant mostly.

Peridots Rolo

Cute somewhat small kohleria with bright pink flowers and beautiful marbled foliage.

More about this specific variety: Peridots rolo

Kohleria Peridots Rolo

Kohleria Peridots Rolo