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Kohleria ‘Rebecka’

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kohleria rebecka

Kohleria ‘Rebecka’ is a beautiful, tall hybrid by Gunilla Svensson. The leaves are dark velvet green, and the high contrast flowers appear in clusters all along the stem of the plant.

It’s a very eye catching plant. I do have a personal bias towards kohleria hybrids that flower all along the stem of the plant, rather than in clusters at the apex. So it’s no surprise that this is one of my most favorite hybrids.

kohleria rebeckaThe flowers are showy, furry, bright red-orange tubes. The flowers have bright yellow faces covered in dark burgundy spots, making them really pop against the dark foliage.

A lovely plant to have. The top two photos are of the plant, when I grew it under LED grow light. Having it under light, made the growth way more compact. The plant on these bottom two photos was grown on a north facing window. Despite being a bit leggy and needing staking, it was still covered with flowers.

In my personal experience this hybrid seems a bit more susceptible to aphids and mealy bugs compared to your average kohleria. Other than that, it is easy to grow and a very generous bloomer.

kohleria rebecka

Kohleria ‘Queen Victoria’

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Kohleria ‘Queen Victoria’ is a medium to large koheria hybrid.

The leaves are dark olive green with a bit of red hue to them, medium sized.

kohleria queen victoriaThis hybrid has large and showy, salmon pink flowers. The flower faces are spotted and start of as bright pink upper half and white bottom half, but the colors eventually fade to an overall light pink.

This particular hybrid (along with a few others) in my experience makes an excellent cut flower. The cuttings will continue to flower and root in the vase, almost indefinitely.

Kohleria ‘Pink Shadows’

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Kohleria ‘Pink Shadows’ has large, very dark leaves, that are slightly marbled with lighter silver shades.

The flowers are bright red tubes with light pink faces, and really stand out against the foliage.

Given enough light, the plant will remain fairly short, but it grows quite tall, when grown on a windowsill.

Very showy plant. This hybrid flowers generously, and in my experience, provided warmth and light, it flowers and grows all year-round. It can continue flowering on old growth for a very long time. The stem gets thicker with age and it can start looking almost like a bonsai.

Kohleria ‘Maki’

kohleria maki
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Kohleria ‘Maki’ is a tiny kohleria hybrid, that almost looks like a ground cover. In my opinion, it’s perfect for terrarium culture.

This kohleria seems to prefer higher humidity than other hybrids, and seems a lot more susceptible to mealy bug infestations.

Other than that, if the right conditions are met, it’s a very rewarding plant to have. It might be reluctant to flower at first, but once it becomes pot-bound, this plant is never out of flowers. It’s tiny, cute and very endearing. The flowers are very bright and stand out on their long stems.

Kohleria ‘Designer Jewel’

Kohleria Designer Jewel

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‘Designer Jewel’ is a medium size kohleria, with relatively large flowers and leaves. This is a beautiful hybrid by Alfredo Lin.

The leaves are light gray and marbled, making this hybrid really stand out. It’s the only hybrid I have with that coloration of the leaves.

The flowers are relatively large too, showy, and appear clustered at the top of the plant. Despite the large leaves and flowers, the plant doesn’t grow very tall.

It’s definitely a showy, generous bloomer, but more of a seasonal one, in my experience.

Kohleria ‘El Capitol’

kohleria el capitol
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kohleria el capitolSo cute!

Small, upright kohleria with darker leaves, and flowers forming all along the stem. Flowers are orange tubes, the flower faces are yellow-green with burgundy spots.

Looks like a possible bogotensis hybrid. Both flowers and leaves are small and super cute.

kohleria el capitol

Cute, small, upright-growing hybrid with very bright flowers, contrasting the small dark olive green foliage.

This is a recently acquired hybrid that just started flowering, and I’m excited to share it with you .

Kohleria El Capitol





The plant has a very delicate and cute look to it, and seems to get covered with flowers.

So far I really like this hybrid. kohleria el capitol


Kohleria ‘Dale’s Copper Penny’

kohleria dale's copper penny
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Kohleria ‘Dale’s Copper Penny’ is a larger, robust kohleria hybrid, hybridized by Dale Martens. 

It’s a tall upright plant, that readily produces offshoots and rhizomes. The stems are thick, robust, and covered with red fuzz.

The leaves are very bright green, with a bit of a coppery hue to them, which set this plant off from the many dark-leaved hybrids out there.

Overall, the plant has a sturdy natural look to it. The flowers are very long, bright-red and fuzzy.

dale's copper penny

From a presonal exprience this particular kohleria took a long time to grow and flower. It’s possible that it just might require more light than some of the other varieties and it was’t getting enough.

When grown under light the leaves get a bit more coppery in color, and the plant grows rapidly and flowers profusely. 

However, once it has started to flower, it hasn’t been without flowers. The flowers seem to last longer too.

Kohleria Dale's Copper Penny

Kohleria ‘Heartland’s Blackberry Butterfly’

Kohleria Heartland's Blackberry Butterfly
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Rooted cutting that continues to actively grow and flower while being rooted

Kohleria ‘Heartland’s Blackberry Butterfly’ is a beautiful kohleria hybrid by Dale Martens. 

It’s a medium sized kohleria with an excellent growth habit. The leaves are very dark.

The flowers are bright magenta tubes with light-colored faces, speckles with dark-purple dots, and are displayed beautifully against the foliage.

The spots vary based on the growing conditions. The more direct light the plant gets, the more numerous the speckles on the face of the flowers. The leaves also become smaller and the plant grows denser. Slightly less light, and you’ll get larger leaves and brighter flower faces with less spots. I think the spots might also vary with temperature as well.

As most kohlerias, the plant flowers while still small, but can grow to a pretty impressive specimen size.

Higher light and temperature
Lower light and temperature